My new book, Healthy Healing, which stems from my own personal experience of loss, provides a unique plan that uses the power of exercise to help anyone work through grief.

At age thirty-six, I lost my husband in a tragic plane accident. I was left a widow and mother of two young children. During this difficult time, I found solace and hope in the unlikeliest of places: exercise. Now, it’s my goal to help others coping with great pain to rediscover happiness by strengthening body, mind, and spirit through fitness.

Healthy Healing isn’t just an exercise and nutrition plan, it is a guide to moving forward, and feeling better in the midst of grief. It’s common to shut down in the face of overwhelming loss but the truth is focusing on your health may be the best thing you can do, for yourself and the people you love. Not only will strengthening your body give you the physical stamina to fight off depression and despair, exercise produces endorphins that make you feel good, at a time when you need it most.

Exercise also helps you overcome sleep problems—a common side effect of trauma and sudden loss. In addition, proper nutrition boosts immunity when your system is at its weakest.

Part exercise program, nutrition guide, and compassionate companion, Healthy Healing addresses the physical, mental, and emotional effects of grief with practical advice and actionable inspiration.


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My book, Healthy Healing, invites you to take an active role in processing your grief in order to rediscover a life of hope and happiness.

The resources on this website will help facilitate your 12 weeks of Healthy Healing.

These materials include


Fitness assessment test

It’s always a good idea to do a “strength test” at the beginning of any fitness program so that you know….


Programmed Workouts

Perform 3 sets of 8-12 reps of each exercise. Do the first exercise for 8-12 reps (1st set), rest 1 minute…

Delicious recipes

This isn’t the tastiest smoothie you’ll ever enjoy. The more you like lemon and ginger, the better off you are on this one!

Communities of support near you

Join Our Healthy Healing Regional Communities….

Additional resources for grief and healing

Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies by Marta Felber Widow to Widow by Genevieve Davis Ginsburg…

Your Ultimate 12-Weeks
Workout Program

Healing Tools…

My book, Healthy Healing, invites you to take an active role in processing your grief in order to rediscover a life of hope and happiness.

The resources on this website will help facilitate your 12 weeks of Healthy Healing.


Michelle Steinke-Baumgard

Michelle Steinke-Baumgard is an author for HarperCollins, speaker, fitness coach, mother, adventurer, and remarried widow. After losing her husband Mitch in 2009, she turned to exercise and outdoor adventure as an outlet for grief and a way to handle stress.

Michelle knew in her soul that it had become her life purpose to educate the masses on grief, wellness, and the connection to mind and body. Michelle found fitness and somatic healing so powerful that she eventually quit her corporate VP job to become a coach. Since then, Michelle has been featured in Fitness Magazine and Shape Magazine and has contributed to articles for Prevention Magazine, The Huffington Post, and countless other media outlets. Michelle has coached thousands of people to better health and a more empowering walk through grief.

Michelle’s mission is to help people live a full, healthy, and intentional life beyond life’s most challenging moments. In addition to her virtual training business and adventure company, Michelle recently launched her own nonprofit, Live the List. Her nonprofit focuses on helping widows and widowers complete bucket list dreams to honor their late spouse while moving boldly into their future.

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Some Thoughts About The Book

Healthy Healing gives life to the notion that there can be beauty in the places that feel broken. Through her own powerful story, Michelle connects on a deep level with the reader and speaks such truth! Her message is that you are not alone; because while your journey is unique, unfortunately for us all, loss is not. She empowers the reader to lace up their shoes and get moving to a healthier life of hope and healing, to become a living legacy in a way that really honors our loved ones.

President and Founder of Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors and 2015 Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

I have never seen the road to ‘everything is going to be okay’ more clearly than in the pages of this book. It’s not just a call to action. It’s a call to life. Michelle takes your hand from page one and doesn’t let it go. I wish I had had this book as my companion and guide years ago.

New York Times bestselling author of This Is Not the Story You Think It Is and founder of Haven Writing Retreats

Healthy Healing will not only guide you through your grief—it will literally save your life. It is about time we have a book that doesn’t leave the body behind after loss.

Nauthor of Second Firsts: Live, Laugh and Love Again

Practical, relatable, and life-affirming, Healthy Healing is a valuable resource for any grieving person. This is not a book you will read one time; this is a book you will return to over and over as a source of inspiration and an encyclopedia of daily steps to facilitate holistic healing. Michelle has not only found her own path through unthinkable tragedy, but she has created a roadmap for people facing any of life’s challenges. Mitch must be so proud.

Founder and Executive Director, Soaring Spirits International

“Michelle is an authentic living example of her own wise guidance on the power of endorphins and exercise being a way to heal and empower your own heroes journey. May it propel you on your solo or even better, community, walk into a bright, renewed future full of unlimited possibility. Life changing from the inside out!

Founding Director at Modern Widows Club